Die Swing IT GmbH schließt zum 01.05.2024 ihr Head Office in Siegburg (vgl. Impressum).

We organize your support team

We design and build the complete structure around the user support. We coordinate the thematic and organizational division of work between telephone, e-mail and operational application support.

In addition, we support users during operation. If questions arise or unforeseen situations arise; Our staff will assist you competently in the different phases of user support (1st to 3rd level support).


SAP users and key users are trained by experienced practice-oriented lecturers and consultants. The new content will be presented and taught didactically.
For SAP beginners, we conduct user training as a motivator. We take the participants possible fear of contact and remove barriers. The user is the focus. It is the central element within the system and thus determines the success of any action.