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We take care your update cycles

The Solution Manager from SAP (SolMan) offers a wealth of possibilities to structure queries in a structured way and to organize system updates.
System requirements of users and key users are checked, processed and implemented hierarchically according to role concept. That is, everyone in the system gets assigned a role. These roles have specific rights, have different roles, and are subject to defined workflow mechanisms. There are also fixed update dates.

Any request requiring further development or adaptation of the system will be reviewed by the Change Advisory Board and assigned an update date. Update scenarios dictate what a secure process should look like. Release and confirmation mechanisms and defined test scenarios ensure that each person completes the role assigned to him and only becomes active to the extent that the process and the respective approvals allow.

The "SolMan" achieves strict role hierarchies and brings the highest possible security of the update processes within your IT landscape.

swing IT supports you in the internal structuring and role assignment, the technical implementation and implementation as well as in the occupation of the roles in productive operation. Take a look at our information about our support center.

If you plan to integrate a support strategy in your environment or to optimize your update procedures, then just get in touch with us.